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You can purchase bags of our beans at the Fifers Wyoming Store as well as their Dewey Beach location. Don't forget to grab an iced coffee while you're at the Dewey Beach location and stop in to the Wyoming location for one of their fun festivals. www.fiferorchards.com

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Sugar Beet Market/Heritage Shores Club: Purchase a bag of coffee from the new Sugar Beet Market after a round of golf on the beautiful 18 hole golf course at Heritage Shores. www.heritageshores.com/Sugar-Beet-Market

Vanderwende Farm Creamery: We proudly serve Vanderwende's farm fresh ice cream in our cafe year round. Stop in for a scoop or an affogato. And soon you will be able to grab a cup of coffee and a bag of our beans at their 404 location. www.vanderwendefarmcreamery.com

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Nice Farms Creamery: We are very excited about this new partnership. We now use Nice Farm Creamery Milk in all our drinks in the cafe. www.nicefarmscreamery.com/

Amity Coffee Roasters & Cafe

13 W Market Street,

Greenwood, DE 19950

Phone. 302-495-7291

Email. amitycoffeeroasters@gmail.com